Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We have had so much fun this summer! Dallin has attended basketball, football and soccer camp. Tyson participated in a drama camp, then performed in a play.
They have been to puppet camp and Fablehaven camp. We spent 5 days in Arizona and had the most amazing time seeing family and playing in the sun! We just returned from St. George where we had a blast swimming, hiking and going to see Annie. It has been
the most fun summer I can remember for my boys.

Many people have asked my boys what they have been doing this summer. Here is the exchange:
So what fun things have you been doing this summer?

Pew boys: Nothing. Just chores and homework.

That's all?

Pew boys: Yes, our mom makes us do 3 pages of homework everyday!

Next year I will know better and increase the homework load. Here's to summer vacation, 24 more days of entertainment.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Jobs

My kids were not happy with the new chore charts for summer.
Dallin: Mom, why do I need to do chores in the summer?
Me: It' your job.
D: School is my job.
Me: No more school, no more job.
D: Well, what's your job? Oh wait, Laundry. You will be doing that forever.

Yes, I suppose I will.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Look at that! I uploaded a picture! I am really coming along. Me with all three of my stinky boys.  I am thinking Jarron would kill me if he knew this was on here, so please don't say anything to him!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I want to join the blogging world.  I have stalked my way around for quite some time, and am ready to jump in.  I won't have the cutest blog on the block.  I won't have clever, witty things to say.  I will talk about my stinky boys, and how I never believed boys were really stinky until I had my own.  I will talk about what I may or may not make for dinner, or even if dinner gets served. I will continue to stalk all of your amazing blogs and love every minute of it.  Thanks for sharing for so long, even if you didn't know you were!